Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I feel both the careers I chose are simalar because they both are something that i could do. I have relatives that do both of those jobs. They work every day to make pay to get dinner on the table. Both of these careers relate to our commutity because there are people working as a grapghic deigner, and as floral designers. They are making flowing cenarys and nice things for people. Also like graphic desingers they wouldnt have logos, and other job related things. Working every day just to make our commmunity a better place. Without a floral designer we would have no nice flower spots, and without grapghic designers homes would be outta wack. Our jobs really do fit in our community.


  1. i half way agree but disagree at the same time because i don't really see how they really affect us much. Yes they may make things look better but i don't see how they really make us or our community better.

  2. One, the heading for this is Ag. Also, you need to talk about how the jobs are actually relating to our community.

  3. Did you mean to say, " they work every day to put dinner on the table" ? Everything else, I agree with.